Are you aware of what a literal error is?  Here are a couple of examples for your entertainment to brighten your day….

On the 22 August 1978, the UK Times Newspaper contained the most number of misprints ever recorded in an article – about 97 were counted!   In particular, was the article relating to Pope Paul VI where the Pope was referred to as “The Pop” not only once, but throughout the whole article.

Another mistake made by a reporter was when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered……due to his excitement, his article mistakenly reported them as the Dead Sea Squirrels!

And the one which must have caused the most awful embarrassment was in an early edition of the Times, when Queen Victoria travelled to Wales to open the Menai Bridge.  The reporter commented that the “Queen passed over the bridge”, but unfortunately, in the haste of making the print deadline, the vowels became mixed up and an ‘i’ was used instead.  Oh dear!

I am sure this caused some embarrassment to the editorial and print staff – but it just shows that no matter how practiced or skilled you are, proofreading can always help.  A second eye to cast over your work, when you believe you know exactly what it says………..!