War and Peace is considered to be one of the central works of literature, one of the longest novels ever written and, Tolstoy’s finest achievement.

However, Leo Tolstoy owes a large part of the success of his famous book to his wife Sofia, who spent many months, maybe years, editing and proofing his 1400 page novel.   She was reportedly the only person that could decipher Tolstoy’s handwriting and understand his notes.  Sofia redrafted the book at least seven times (but possibly up to twenty times although no one knows for sure), from start to finish, editing as she went.  She was found to report in her diary……. “as I copy I experience a whole new world of emotions, thoughts and impressions. Nothing touches me so deeply as his ideas, his genius.”

Sofia carried out this work in the evenings by candlelight after her children and servants had gone to bed – I think we can say that’s love!