Stephen King……..

In the literary world, we’ve been hearing recently about Stephen King, considered one of the renowned horror novelists of all time, with the release of his new book ‘On Writing’; a memoir which documents his experiences as a writer and provides helpful advice to new and aspiring authors.  We thought a few unusual and interesting facts about the talented Mr King may assist.

Stephen worked as a janitor for a summer as a young man and he reports that the memory of one particular shift, when he had to clean the girls shower room, assisted him in later years with creating the idea for the opening scene of his first blockbuster horror story, Carrie, the girls’ locker room scene.  However, the success of Carrie and the fact that it exists today is largely due to his wife Tabitha. Stephen threw away the first few pages of Carrie thinking it “awful”, but luckily she came across them in the bin and became curious about the story’s progression, encouraging Stephen to continue.

Stephen also wrote under the fictitious name of Richard Bachman.  This fact was discovered sometime later and consequently he ceased using the alias, reporting that Bachman had died due to cancer of the pseudonym!

Stephen was involved in a near fatal accident in 1999 and during his recovery he advised his homecare nurses that under no circumstances should they make any ‘Misery’ jokes.

Finally, good old Ronald McDonald was an influence for the Pennywise novel or, as it is more popularly known, the film with the terrifying clown ‘It’.

Have you got an idea for a story?  ……A romance, a crime thriller or an historical fiction………perhaps pick yourself up a copy of Stephen King’s writing bible!