Next time you’re putting a letter in the post box, just remember how easy it is.  If you live in Susami Bay in Japan you could choose to dive under water to send your post.

Probably the most unique post box and registered in the World Records as the deepest post box in the world, this typical red post box is located ten metres under the water.  An estimated 32,000 letters have passed through the post box since it began in 1999.  With Susami Bay having little to offer tourists besides being a popular diving location, the then existing postmaster Toshihiko Matsumoto, recommended the idea.  Divers passing through the area use the post box to send cards to their friends and loved ones.  Especially made waterproof cards were created and are sold by the local shops and businesses, accompanied by oil based markers to ensure the message remains intact.   The boxes are well maintained and repainted every six months.

The ritual of posting their mail underwater remains a very special part of life to the locals and visitors of Susami Bay and it has been reported as an exhilarating experience to dive down underwater to send their post.