Day in, day out, we all use phrases and sayings that we now from old but, do we really know where they originated from? We simply use them automatically.  Well, we thought we would explain a couple…..….

‘You’re a dark horse!’  Apparently, this phrase began during 1831 in Benjamin Disraeli’s novel, The Young Duke, in which a horse, quite unknown to everyone, was an unexpected winner at the races.  Around the same era, a real American horse owner surprised race goers when he turned up to race in different towns and won every time, shocking everybody as they had never heard of him or his horse.  Perhaps the two are connected.

The expression became well known and was often used to describe something or someone that came through unexpectedly.

Another is ‘bite the bullet’.  This originated from older times when, during battle, there was no time to administer an anaesthetic before surgery and so the doctor simply told the soldier to bite down on a bullet.  Ouch!

Happy Friday….