It has been rumoured that Roald Dahl was planning to release a third ‘Charlie’ book but unfortunately died before he could complete it.  Only one chapter was written which is on show in the Roald Dahl museum, a place I am going to have to visit, to see if I can find out what the proposed plot was; the Charlie books being two of my favourite Dahl books.

However, given that ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’, the second book, involved Charlie, his family and Willy Wonka saving the American Space Hotel and ending with them all being invited to meet the President as a reward, we can only presume what the story entitled ‘Charlie and the White House’ had in store. The mind starts to wonder as to exactly what trouble Roald Dahl could create for Charlie, his grandpa and Willy Wonka.

Whilst he began this third book back in 1978 I wonder, in our current era, with the controversy surrounding the current American President, how Dahl would have carefully negotiated that minefield, would it have been fiction or a little play on truth!  No one will ever know.