So, with today being Independent Women’s Day, we thought it would be pertinent to share a few key facts that you may, or may not have known, about this special day.

Do you know the exact original name of Women’s Day?

The first ever Women’s Day was actually named Independent Working Women’s Day.

Do you know where and when the first Women’s Day was celebrated?

It was first celebrated on 28th February 1909 in New York, not the 8th March, the date when it is now internationally celebrated.

What brought about International Women’s Day?

It was a day created to commemorate the 15,000 plus women who marched through New York in the 1908 strike, demanding political and social rights under the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, including better working hours and rates of pay.

Do you know how the anniversary came to be changed to the 8th March?

Although the date differs with some countries, in 1914, the date was internationally changed to 8th March as this was a Sunday, a day of rest and it was considered more appropriate to celebrate Women’s Day when women were not working and able to take part in their local celebratory activities.

Do you know that some countries have made International Women’s Day a National Holiday?!

Cambodia, Zambia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Vietnam and the Soviet Union.

And some countries give their women a day off?!

Madagascar, China and Nepal.

If you are a Tiwi woman (of the Tiwi culture) of Northern Australia you have to……?

Be married all of the time!!!!

Every year the United Nations sets a theme for International Women’s Day – do you know what this year’s is?

Pledge for Parity – Parity meaning ‘the state or condition of being equal, especially as regards status or pay.’

AND finally, a funny fact that we think men and women may agree with…..Research suggest that women speak on average 22,000 words a day compared to men who may reach 7000…..do you think that’s realistic?

Have a Happy International Women’s Day!