We all suffer with stress on a daily basis – whether it’s the commuter traffic jams, being late for work or worrying about how you’re going to pay your rent; large or small, we all have a daily stress moment.

Research, however, has discovered that reading for 6 minutes a day, just 6 minutes, can reduce stress levels by two thirds, up to 68% to be precise!  Reading for a short time is supposedly better for stress than perhaps a walk through the park or sitting down with a cup of tea.

The study was carried out by Mindlab Consultancy in Sussex on a group of volunteers and the results highlighted that not only did the participants’ stress levels reduce, but the muscles also relaxed and some individuals were found to be in a more relaxed state than before the test began.

We read, to some extent, most of the day whether it is scrolling through social media sites, watching news bulletins, reading work documents or opening bills, it is a must; a need rather than an enjoyment.

When picking up a novel or a book about a subject that you are interested in, our minds completely focus on what we are reading and as such, the body and mind relaxes. However, avoid electronic devices when reading to relax; a notification of a Facebook post or an email that pings in as having arrived, ruins the whole idea – let it be just you and the pages.

So, if you want to reduce your blood pressure and your stress levels, take a few minutes a day and switch off – pick up that book and read the next chapter – dig out that magazine and read the article you meant to read last week.  Time; make the most of it, you will never get it back and what’s six minutes in the grand scheme of things?  Personally, I would aim for at least 30 minutes…. 🙂

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