We thought this little fact might bring a little humour to Election Week.

For many of us in our working or social lives, there is often a time when we have to undertake public speaking.  I, for one, am very shy and do not like being the centre of attention;  I much prefer to listen.  For some people, however, the thrill of being in the spotlight and ensuring their words and views are heard comes naturally.

We see a lot of this at the moment with the election campaigns that are taking place; people very passionate about what they do and their views on certain subjects.  For others, it is a chance to have a blazing row in public with justification!

But, if you are one of those few that have to carry out the task of public speaking and dread it, or suffer with terrible anxiety or nervousness, here would be the advice of Charles Dickens……he had a ritual that he would carry out on a day when he had to undertake public speaking:

‘…two tablespoons of rum with fresh cream for breakfast, a pint of champagne for tea and, half an hour before the start of his performance, he would drink a raw egg beaten into a tumbler of sherry.’

I am now wondering, except for the raw egg, whether I should take up public speaking….sounds like it could be interesting.