In the words of Stephen King….‘books are a uniquely portable magic….’

Whether they transport you to a world of war, crime, passion, mystery, love, sadness, or a completely imaginary existence, every book is unique and personal to the reader.  There are many weird and wonderful books in the world but there is one I recently came across which I found simply adorable.

Measuring just one millimetre squared, this tiny little book contains the famous nursery rhyme Old King Cole (rhyme words can be found hereOld King Cole).  It consists of twelve pages, all so tiny they need to be read with a magnifying glass or microscope and the pages have to be turned with a needle or a pin.

Created in 1985, it held a place in the Guinness Book of Records for twenty years as being the smallest book in the world.   However, as with anything, due to the creation of super technology we believe nanotechnology printing techniques have created the current smallest book – made in Japan it’s called ‘Shiki no Kusabana’ (Flowers of Seasons).   An illustrated guide to Japanese flora, it is twenty-two pages long, but smaller than the eye of a needle, and measures 0.75mm in height and has a width of 0.01mm.

Apparently, according to other printers and publishers who have created miniature books, the attraction of them was that they would often be contained within lockets which people could hang around their necks.  Having built in magnifying glasses allowed individuals to take their treasured readings wherever they went.  This was especially important during war times and as a result, a miniature edition of the bible, the Qur’an and a book containing all of the national anthems was created for this very purpose.

In summary I really believe we need an illustrative example to understand the true size of what we  are talking about.  😊

cole 1   Old King Cole against a 1p…  cole 2  And against a pencil tip…..