Some of you will know of me, and the work that I do, if you are a follower of The Foxopedia, but to many of you I will be a new face.  I am posting this advertisement to inform all of you writers, authors and bloggers out there of the services I offer and how I may be able to assist you with your work.

I offer professional, thorough proofreading and editing services, checking all types of content, of all types of length, in all different subjects. Mistakes in text, even in a simple blog, can result in the wrong message being sent to your visitors and readers.  Basic typographical errors, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes, give the feeling of a lazy writer.  Similarly, with longer, more in depth texts or those written by a non-native English speaker, the type of language used and the flow of the content can become lost, or come across as broken and unreadable.  With larger pieces of work, format and  layout consistency is also key to ensure you are promoting professional looking work.

I can assist in all these areas and, for the WordPress community, I am offering discounts and packages, whether for a one-off piece of work which requires editing and proofreading or, if you are a regular writer who would benefit from a fixed monthly price to encompass so many words/articles/blogs; a time saving approach to be able to just forward work to me for checking as it is produced.

If you would like to read some reviews of my work from other bloggers, authors, students and writers, please visit my profile at under the profile of The Brown Fox Bureau – The Foxopedia’s parent!

Any queries please feel free to drop me a line at  Whatever you’re writing, I would love to assist.



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