So, a little different this week, not so much a weird and wonderful word, but we found where the meaning of an every day word came from which we found quite interesting…..


This is the old English word for what we know today as a lantern.  Yes, a simple lantern which projects light.  The very first, named a lanthorn, was invented in England in the 800s by Alfred The Great.

He was such a conscientious leader that he would dedicate parts of his day to different problems and issues the people faced. He would not prioritise a problem, but would divide his day into segments by marking the candles in the palace into the same sized segments.  When a segment had burned he turned his attention to the next issue.  However, the problem he found was that the draughts that blew through the windows, doors and hallways of the palace caused the candles to burn at different speeds and, as such, his times were all out of sync.  He therefore decided to make a casing for each candle from wood and white horn to protect the candles and allow them to burn equally.  And….. there you have it, the history of the first lanthorn.

Just another random piece of information.

Have a great weekend!

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