The Foxopedia has been created to provide an informative and fun insight into the world of writing and books including quirky unusual words and facts, as well as research on some articles and happenings that you may find of interest.

My business, The Brown Fox Bureau carries out a variety of services for individuals and businesses, particularly in the way of proofreading and copy-editing services, with some virtual PA assistance when required.

I regularly come across new words from different genres of writing; receive queries about the correct use of a word; question the rights and wrongs of grammar issues and come across strange and humorous facts about authors including ideas behind stories, and other random writing facts that you would never have known.  I thought it would be fun to try and bring a selection of these little snippets of knowledge together to provoke your interest and while away a few minutes here and there and to, of course, “spread the word”.  So please follow the pathway and enjoy the information The Foxopedia has come across in recent times.

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